nocturnal life

By: karat zay

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Friday, 6-Oct-2006 03:22 Email | Share | | Bookmark
it's the end

my digital camera broke down a couple of months ago. and i'm definitely not buying another one 'cos: (1) i'm sick of compact cameras, and (2) i'm sick of digital photography. i think it's more of the latter.

don't get me wrong, i love photography. i just want to be more dynamic. and less shallow. 'cos digital photography made me take photography for granted. i could delete bad, blurry pictures. most of the time, i wasn't even in the mood to shoot anything. always waiting for that perfect moment that never came. it also cost me a friendship, although i'd rather not elaborate about that here. it's ultra gibberish anyway, silly girly stuff.

until i have enough money to buy a used SLR, i won't update this fotopage. it's been on hiatus since time immemorial anyway. i'm just rambling here alone.

so goodbye.

Wednesday, 21-Jun-2006 15:44 Email | Share | | Bookmark
candle night

Saturday, 31-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
there are some things money can't buy

mobile phone number top-up credit to call the car rental guy: RM 10

car rental for a day: RM 70

cost of car wreckage and other additional things: RM 900

my 843465th foot injury and my FIRST CAR ACCIDENT: priceless

happy new year everyone!

Tuesday, 6-Sep-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

the only still picture she took
anticipation! how delightful!
the night is still young
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so she thought it was just enough to stay and watch the celebration inside the campus. but something was missing. so she and her friend rode the lrt to KLCC and got there two minutes before 12 o'clock. they never regret it. ever.

Sunday, 17-Jul-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Crazy Night

blurry entrance
wish i had a better camera
i was sitting here!!

I am so sorry for the first two extremely blurry pictures. my camera is only a simple one you see, and the night mode was switched on to capture the whole scene or else you wouldn't even see a thing. anyway, for those who are not Potter-maniacs, this was what it was like at the launch of the new Harry Potter book, titled 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince'. I won't give a spoiler here about what happens in the book, but I wish that the seventh book would be launched tomorrow so that I wouldn't have to wait for a few more years to know what would happen in the end.

Anyway, technically, I was among the first to line up. I waited at Kinokuniya at 9 pm on July 15th. So I had the chances of being among the first 6 who were to get the free books. WRONG. They had signs all over the place saying that the official queue would only start at 5:10am on July 16th. Anyway, after I arrived a lot more people started to wait in front of Kinokuniya while the workers were decorating the entrance. Some even slept on the floor, played cards etc. I saw some bringing little pillows and sleeping bags, but never saw them lying anywhere. The guards ushered us a few times to the security room at the ground level to get the passes and then to give them back the passes. I went there for like, four times. -_- 'Cos I had to escort people, forgot to take my driving license back (yes, they required us to hand over our identity cards or driving license in turn of those passes!). Anyway, going to the security room is like going to a dungeon, seriously. And then somewhere around 4:30 am, the guards ushered us downstairs to somewhere around BCB. They had us standing behind a fence. And then later they chased us OUTSIDE the building, right outside the MPO hall. When it was around 5am everyone was anxious. The workers were there from an early breakfast and they were sort of telling us to go in so everyone ran to the fence. But even the workers couldn't get upstairs for work 'cos the guards were being idiots. At last, we all saw the people waiting at the other side, the KFC side to be exact, had run upstairs at 5:10 am but the guards didn't notice them, they were angry at our side instead and in a split-second I saw flashes on my left and right, people were already jumping over the fence and the others including myself were pushing it but it wouldn't budge. I was already burned out at this time so I had to slip by the side to escape the fence. We were all running for the escalators. By the second floor I already felt like dying. When I arrived I saw people who didn't deserve to be the first six, 'cos I saw them coming at 4am and didn't suffer as much as some of us had.

I had to pay rm99.90 for the book, the 20% discount didn't even apply on it and I found the RM25 voucher to be lousy 'cos not only it couldn't be used on Harry Potter books and merchandise, it lasted only until the end of this month. And they gave a free 'magic' wand to the first 300 people. I don't find anything magical about that wand. If i knew better i would have bought the book at Times which still offers 10% discount and a certificate, 'cos I find the voucher useless as Kinokuniya doesn't even sell any books by Diana Wynn Jones. I don't even know whether the voucher applies to the Japanese section, 'cos if it does maybe I can get another j-rock magazine or something? *shrugs* See? They only want people to buy more from them. Next time, I'm just going to pre-order the book. Seriously, my limbs are still aching badly, even sneezing is painful. I slept on the LRT and Putraline, and I spent the whole day in bed afterwards.

The only upside of the event was that I made a lot of friends, yay! They didn't mind as much as me that none of us were among the first six (I wanted the free book 'cos I'm really, REALLY broke this month), and in the end getting THE book was more important than getting it free. I'm not even saying that I regret paying for it, but I could have come at 7am and still be among the first 300 people, you see? But it was really a CRAZY night and I don't want to experience it EVER again.

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